Faryan® High Performance Dyes

Faryan® is a series of high performance polymer-soluble dyes / solvent dyes.  It offers excellent colour strength, high purity, brilliance of shades; and it is in compliance with international safety standards, e.g. RoHS, EN71 Part 3 requirements.

Product Name C. I. Number
Faryan® Orange R Solvent Yellow 14
Faryan® Yellow 3G Solvent Yellow 16
Faryan® Yellow 7G-F       Solvent Yellow 33
Faryan® Yellow HG-F      Disperse Yellow 64
Faryan® Yellow G-F        Solvent Yellow 93
Faryan® Yellow MG-F      Solvent Yellow 114
Faryan® Yellow RG-F      Pigment Yellow 147
Faryan® Yellow 5R-F       Solvent Yellow 163
Faryan® Orange 3G-F      Solvent Orange 60
Faryan® Red HRR Solvent Red 23
Faryan® Red O Solvent Red 24
Faryan® Red BB Solvent Red 25
Faryan® Red TR Solvent Red 52
Faryan® Red DBL  Disperse Red 60
Faryan® Red MP Solvent Red 111
Faryan® Red EG-F          Solvent Red 135
Faryan® Red 2G-F          Solvent Red 179
Faryan® Red 2B Solvent Red 195
Faryan® Violet 2R Solvent Violet 11
Faryan® Violet B-F          Solvent Violet 13
Faryan® Violet 2V  Disperse Violet 28
Faryan® Red Violet R Disperse Violet 31
Faryan® Violet 3R Solvent Violet 36
Faryan® Violet 6BL-F      Solvent Violet 37
Faryan® Blue 2N Solvent Blue 35
Faryan® Blue AP Solvent Blue 36
Faryan® Blue B2R Solvent Blue 97
Faryan® Blue SRB-F       Solvent Blue 104
Faryan® Blue R-F            Solvent Blue 122
Faryan® Green 5B-F        Solvent Green 3
Faryan® Green 2G Solvent Green 28
Faryan® Black HB Solvent Black 3
  They have very good spinning properties for application in synthetic fibre.


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