Farying® Fluorescent Dyes

Farying® represents fluorescent dyes / solvent dyes range that are used in PS, ABS, SAN, PC, PET/PBT, UPVC and some for PA. 

Farying® series have excellent resistance to heat in the recommended polymers and generally good light fastness in transparent colorations.

Product Name  C. I. Number
Farying® Yellow 8GK

Solvent Green 5

Farying® Yellow 9G-F         Solvent Yellow 145
Farying® Red GG-F            Solvent Orange 63
Farying® Red HFG  Solvent Red 149
Farying® Red BK Solvent Red 196
Farying® Red GK Solvent Red 197
Farying® Red 5B Vat Red 41

 They have very good spinning properties for application in synthetic fibre.


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