Fariol® MKE Series

»  Recommended for PVC film, thickness less than 0.1mm
»  Recommended for PVC compound
»  EN71-3 & RoHS compliance

ˇ  Stable performance, high colour strength
ˇ  Optimum dispersion
ˇ  Easy to weigh, free flowing form
ˇ  Excellent compatibility with P-PVC & U-PVC

Fariol® MKE Series:

MKE017 Yellow
   High purity greenish yellow, good fastness, good transparency and heat stability, commonly used to replace diarylide yellow.

MKE057 Pink
   High purity bluish high performance red, excellent fastness, good transparency and light fastness.

MKE068 Violet
   High colour strength, brilliant violet, excellent fastness, good heat stability when using trace amount.

MKE016 Blue
   Greenish phthalocyanine blue, excellent fastness, good transparency and light fastness.

MKE034 Black
   High concentration, excellent dispersion and high gloss black, customers find the colour strength 30% higher than similar product.

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